Fold Up High Speed Door

FoldUp doors

Pvc High Speed  Fold-up Door is  one of the new generation of high speed Door manufactured by Shipyarddoor®. Reinforced Aluminium or steel supports bar high density pvc fabric materials, special designate drum system serve to you every conditions.This type of door is suited for larger size openings and is designed for heavy duty application.

High-speed pvc folding doors are offered many different versions, providing individual and customized system solutions for nearly every application requirements. It is used multipurpose application for all type industries, from logistic to chemistry to manage the traffic and insulation required area. It has flexible design and can be applied for different applications, so tailor made solutions is one of our most important properties

Shipyarddoor® is using great experience  for high speed door applications, we always believe if you do something just do your best as David Frost Said Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. We just follow our passion.

Speedd Flex® fold up doors are designed to meet expectation of clients for isolation and flexibility. The fold up Door is best solution to control environmental conditions, increase productivity and safety at your facilities.
High Speed fold up door can be utilized in manufacturing warehouse that have high MHE & Human traffic. It is best compatible and cost effective solution for isolation and long durability.
Shipyard door Speedd Flex® will help you control environment conditions.

Tailor- made Solutions

Standard Speed Flex® High Speed Fold-Up Door meet client’s standard requirement at even extreme conditions. On the other hand Shipyard door Speedd Flex® has a manufacturing flexibility. Our innovative R&D could design and manufacture the high speed doors according to client’s special requirements like special wind load, Special fire resistance, High isolations, desired speed, security etc... This is a flexible tailor- made solution for diffe-rent type door requirements.

Low Maintenance

Speed Flex fold up doors is designed in such a way that it doesn’t require any special maintenance. All parts are carefully selected for very minimal maintenance. No parts are welded in the structure to reduce wear & tear.

7/24 Operations

Strong and flexible design of Speed Flex Fold-Up Door provide all the bene-fits of high speed operation plus extreme life time and durability that can be operated 7/24.


Shipyarddoor policy is strict about quality. All high Speedd-Doors will under-go a 100% inspection on function and a visual examination before expor-ting and installing. Raw materials are carefully selected to enhance our qua-lity level. We have worldwide well trained authorised dealers and resellers have ability to provide service, maintenance and after sale requirements. 

Excellent Sealing

A special feature that Speedd Flex® door have side sealing pocket make us stand unique in the market. This heavy duty PVC coated fabric has outstan-ding sealing feature, when door is closed even high windy conditions. Bottom sleeve seal supply weather and water resistance. This design also supply noi-seless operations you will never heard noise of steel or Aluminum track.

Envorimentally Frendly Products

Shipyarddoor high speed door is designed with Environmental concern, Using Speedd Flex high speed Door reduce your energy consumptions, ope-rational expenses, purchase cost and help to save environment. We carefully choose energy efficient motor and many metal parts from recycled materials as a responsible company that care our world.