Welcome to Shipyarddoor® world. We have been manufacturing customised vertical lifting fabric doors. We are specialist about high speed and extreme hangar door solutions. We  installs, services  and customised solutions at world wide for vertical lifting fabric door. If you need a High Speed industrial solution or Hangar Door system just check our high quality product, as Aristotle said Quality is not an act, it is a habit that is our philosophy we are looking for to join high speed door world of Shipyarddoor®.

Shipyard door

Hangar Door
Shipyard Hangar Door

Shipyard doors is customized as a hangar door for, blasting-painting hangar and dry port. Shipyard industries has extreme requirements at doors and working condition

Pvc rollup door

High Speed Door
Roll Up Door

High speed roll-up fabric door is customized for client logistic and industrial activities at interior area. Fast roll-up door reduce energy consumption smooth traffic of the plant

Pvc foldup door

High Speed Door
Fold Up Door

High speed fold up door is best solution for outside applications to supply insulation of building also regulate the Forklift and personal traffic. It has high wind resistance and improved sealing properties

Rigid door

High Speed Door
The Hybrid® Rigid Door

Hybrid doors is new generation of the high speed doors. It is combined fast and security operations of the door system. High Speed hybrid door can be used interior and exterior area need high wind resistance and security

Aircraft hangar door

Hangar Door
Aircraft Hangar Door

Aircraft hangar door is designed for Airport Maintenance Hangar and Military Applications. Aircraft hangar door come forward with its extreme security properties

Mining hangar door

Hangar Door
Mining Hangar Door

Mining hangar door is used at truck maintenance shop in open-pit mining area, Mining hangar doors is customized according to heavy duty working conditions of mining industries

Aluminium hangar door

Hangar Door
Aluflex Hangar Door

Alu-flex aluminum hangar door is designed for small and medium size hangar door requirements. Medium hangar doors is suitable for small or medium size doors need high wind resistance

Cold strage door

High Speed Door
Cold Storage Door

Cold Saver® high speed roll up door is specified for cold and frozen storage or warehouse, ıts extreme insulation properties and fast operation reduce energy consumptions and save your money and time

Economic roll up door

Special Door
Eco Roll Door

If you need simple and cost effective roll up door solutions Eco roll will be your best door. High Speed door is designed for durability. Spring & Zip system are not being used as they cause damage inside wind bars

Atex door

Special Door
Explosion Proof Atex Door

High speed Atex doors is customized for high level of explosion risk area.Special design Atex door is a explosion prevent door. It is supply fast and high speed door operation at hazardous area with EEX properties

Barn curtain

Special Door
Barn Curtain

Barn curtain provides improved ventilation in the summer months also supply nourishing environment for your livestock, promote faster weight gain. We supply many agricultural applications for our barn curtain

Roll up separator

Special Door
Low Speed Separator

Low Speed Separator is customised solutions for cost effective and simple door requirements. It is specially designed for inside application, to increase insulation and cover the area. Low speed door has wide range of application