Explosion Proof High Speed Atex Door

Atex doors

Atex (ATmosphères EXplosibles) is used to define high explosion risk area at industries, especially oil and gas industries, mining and chemical industries widely has this type high risk area. High speed Atex doors is designed  for explosion area. High speed door can be used at all type industries, so explosion safety is a specialist area of expertise with a high level of risk all component of this area should be suitable for explosion resistance. 

Special designed explosion-resistant Atex high speed doors is specially developed for Atex area. All mechanical and electrical properties specially chooses and designed to minimize any explosion risk.

This type ATEX area is defined  according to EN 60079-10 – NPR 7910 our special designed ATEX  high speed door is used for this area.

Shipyarddoor® only manufacture high quality and reliable product so special solutions need great experience specially if talking about safety so it is our main concern and we do our best always. As Jodi Rell said At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

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ATEX high speed roll up doors are designed for explosion safety. ATEX derives its name from the French title of the 94/9/EC directive: Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosibles. Explosive atmospheres in the workplace can be caused by flammable gases, mists or vapours or by combustible dusts. Explosions can cause loss of life and serious injuries as well as significant damage. Cause of this extreme risk ATEX High speed roll up doors is designed and customised to reduce the risk of explosions at high risk area.
High speed ATEX roll up door is one of the most essential Equipments at ATex zone.

24 X 7 Operations

ATEX high speed roll up door system has flexible design. This door can assist you to manage personnel and forklift traffic in explosion area. Door can be operated 24X7 specially by choosing high resistance fabric and gearbox system for continuous operations.

Sealing Properties

ATex door is equipped with special sealing equipment. Door compact design supply to you also excellent sealing to reduce leakage of gas or explosion materials. All insulation rubber and sealing material is specially chosen from anti-static material.

Perfect for ATEX ZONE

ATEX High speed  roll up Doors is designed with fully EEX Equipments all parts is choose non-metallic and anti-static equipment motor control board and electronic component also choose from EEX equipment


All structure made from Non-metallic  equipment or aluminium to avoid spark cause of deployment of static electric or any crash. All side guide and bottom frame is manufactured one pieces so not gap or welding that design is suitable for high hygiene required area.


We have been using special choose fabric is suitable for long life and atex properties.. İt have very high resistance against to UV damage, Trade name POLYMAR  A- LUTTE®  manufactured by Mehler Textile GMBH .industrial  Fire resist 680 gr/m 1-2 mm 1100 Dtx  and Anti-static properties is <1x10*8 Ohm

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance of the fabric is suitable for any fire safety regulations. Relative Standard is NFP 92507: M2.These materials are difficult to ignite. They include materials such as wood treated with a fire retardant and rigid foam plastics. A fire must extinguish itself when the source of the fire is removed.

Wind Resistance

ATEX Roll up Doors is designed internal applications standard wind resistance 40 km/h and Class 2 Annex ZA- (EN 13241:2011). 

Maximum Dimensions

ATEX high speed roll up  door can be manufactured up to 4500X4500 mm. big door requirements Shipyarddoor® has special applications


ATEX Door can be used all industrial building has an explosive atmosphere that  is defined as a mixture of dangerous substances with air, under atmospheric conditions, in the form of gases, vapours, mist or dust in which, after ignition has occurred, combustion spreads to the entire unburned mixture..

Safety Components

ATEX door has extreme safety equipment cause of sensitivity. Safety is most important things at our system, ATEX Door is manufactured at ATEX directive of EN Standard Applicable Directive 99/92/EC (also known as 'ATEX 137' or the 'ATEX Workplace Directive')

Motor and Gearbox

Motor gearbox and break one of most important part ATEX high speed door we specially choose all system low maintenance high durability and low spare parts cost, with all properties Motor Power from 1 Hp up to 3 Hp operations voltage 380-440 V 3 phase depends to dimensions of the doors. We prefer to use 3 Phase operation voltage for 7/24 industrial operations, as an options we have 220 V 1 phase motor operator for special applications. Gearbox high torque worm-hole design gear-box. All materials is manufactured according to II 2G EEx d k/c e IIcT4 / II 2D T125°CDie ATEX standard


ATEX high speed roll up door can be operated as a standard 40 cm /sec also can be increased 150 cm/sec with frequency converter (optional).


ATEX Rollup fabric door is guide up and down in the weather sealing vertical guides attached to the structure. Door is controlled by three buttons marked “Open,” “Closed,” and “Stop.” It is controlled by momentary pressure to open and constant pressure to close. (Reverse is available). System has touchless control board for clean room sections and it can be operated with Radar,(Optional) Remote controller, Metallic Loop Detectors, Pull rope switch as an options.

Loop detectors;

Together with the inductive loops laid beneath the surface, the LC series loop detectors form a universal sensor system for detecting vehicles and forklift. People are not detected.

Infrared Radar ;

Opening impulse sensor for automatic doors and industrial doors i Motion sensor for people and objects.

Remote Controller;

Is a component of an electronic device to operate the device with radio frequency from a long distance (25 mt up to 100 mt).

Manual Operations

In Emergency situations or power is of Doors can be operated manually a few ways.

  • A hand crank that attaches to the output shaft of the motor is available for manual operation. (Standard)
  • Connecting the door to a power generator would eliminate the problem in case of a power failure. (Optional)

Control Board

Control board is designed according to CE 94/9/ EC and NEMA ICS 2 Standard to operate 3 phase motor with rotate switch. It is suitable ZONE II atex area relative standard is III 2 G Ex d IIB Gb ant II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T 100oC IP 67 Emergency button Circuit Breakers Warning light Buzzer(Optional), Plug in technology served with universal spare parts.

Optionally: Frequency converters control board with touch less button-Mono phase operators control board is available.