The company will continue to be responsive to the ongoing needs of communities in which it operates. We will develop technical and financial responsible solutions to issues of environmental concern, consistent with its business goals.


We are committed to:

  • Operating in compliance with relevant legislations and standards in force and other requirements within the scope of energy consumption, use and efficiency.
  • Using resources in a sustainable and efficient way, by protecting the environment and preventing pollution with the awareness of “Environmental Consciousness”.
  • Reducing resource consumption, waste and pollution in our operations.
  • Taking a proactive approach regarding environmental legislation that affects our business.
  • Encouraging suppliers, subcontractors, retailers and recyclers of our products to adopt the same environmental principles.
  • Giving appropriate weight to this environmental policy when making future planning and investment decisions.
  • Setting targets and objectives, within the scope of the environmental management system, to achieve continual improvement and a sustainable development.


Objectives, Targets and Reporting

  • Recycling of Scrap Material
    Recycling effectively wires, plastic, metal, wood in comply with legislations
  • Promotion of a “Green” Culture within All Entities of Our Organization
    Emphasis on recycling with stations located in all break room and office areas for glass, cans, plastic and paper.
  • Efficient Use of Water
    By using sensor installed fittings and performing waste water management.
  • Efficient Use of Power
    All motor system that we use in our product will be IE3 Class
  • Transportation
    Location of company makes usage of public transportation facilities suitable. It encourages employees for using public transportation.
  • Efficient Use of Energy
    Replacing conventional electricity source with solar panels for office usage in order to decrease Co2 emission and our footprints.
    Maximising the use of service cars, company cars and product transportation cars which comply with the EURO 6 emission standard.