Shipyard Hangar Door

Shipyard doors

The flexible Giant hangar door is customised for Ship-building industries and port. Blasting and painting hangar must be closed by door cause of environmental concern and energy saving reasons. Heavy duty operation cycle, extreme inside and outside conditions, special risk of the industries.

During design of the Shipyard hangar door all this requirements is specially observed and door performance enhanced  according to industry requirements. 

Large size opening and not required free space side and bottom reduce cost of the door investment, extreme insulation properties, flexible design, light structure and low maintenance requirements only a few reason to choose Shipyard Hangar Doors is manufactured by Shipyarddoor®.

First design of the vertical fold-up fabric doors is appear at 1980s, Shipyarddoor® have been  manufacturing  hangar doors since 2001. We always focused to improve client satisfactions, with high quality product, we always believe that The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. (H.Jackson Brown)

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Shipyarddoor, a flexible hangar door designed t o solve all e xtra ordinary door requirements with no limitations of width or height.
Vertical lifting fabric hangar door was initially developed in the 1980s for the needs of shipyards' shipbuilding facilities. Cause of special requirements of shipyard industries doors need extreme properties. Shipyarddoor is manufactured first doors after increasing ship building business in Turkey at 2003. Every year we improve our hangar doors according to clients’ special requirements. Especially in shipyard industries doors are effected to extreme working conditions.
Shipyarddoor® can be served at extreme conditions and hangar doors are being used at Airport, Shipyard, and Mining Industries. Special doors can be manufactured for special requirements like crane doors sound isolat ed doors etc.

7/24 Operations

The Flexible Giant has excessive durability. Hangar doors can be operated 24 X 7 specially by selecting high resistance fabric and gearbox system for continuous operations.

Low Maintenance

Flexible Giant hangar doors doesn’t require special maintenance as all parts are carefully selected for low maintenance.

Excellent Sealing

Hangar doors have unique side sealing pocket. This heavy duty PVC coated fabric has excellent sealing feature and doors can be closed even at high windy conditions. It is designed for noiseless operations. ture and doors can be closed even at high windy conditions. It is designed for noiseless operations.

Maximum Dimensions

Shipyard hangar doors don’t have any limit for dimensions. We can manufacture 50000 mm X 35000 mm one piece and unlimited width with mullion system.


Steel Structure

Steel Structures

Doors are made of two fabrics folding in opposite directions. Fabric sections are fastened to horizontal beams (Steel or Aluminum). Minimum door thickness is 600 mm. Intermediate beams are retractable by an electric motor. The beams have tires for easy operations at windy conditions. The intermediate beams when retracted don’t impede the clear opening dimensions.

Bottom Beams

Bottom Beams

Bottom beam is designed according to wind resistance, dimension of the doors and, to carry load of intermediate steel beams during door operations. Bottom beam also supply full closing and sealing in heav y wind conditions.

Side guides

Shipyarddoor Flexible Giant® vertical guides are made of structural steel with a suitable  depth and width depending on the size of intermediate beams. Guides are designed to provide weather-sealing between door and door frame. Side guides are designed and manufactured for easy replaceable in case of damage. Aluminum rails are fixed with bolt to steel structure.

Side guides

Cable System

Shipyarddoor is operated with steel cable, maximum of two cable each doors that are running inside the guides. Cables are installed free of any kinks and sheave diameter is chosen carefully to prevent any occurrence of kinks or abnormal stress while operating cables.


The bottom beam is furnished with cellular rubber seal (U-Shaped). The side guides on frame structures or mullions have either cellular rubber seals or integral brush seals depending on door type. Specially selected rubber has high resistance against for outdoor conditions extreme cold and hot weather.

Sealing Bottom


Specially choose fabric is suitable for long life. İt have very high resistance against to UV damage, VALMEX POLYMAR ® industrial Fire resist 900-1500 gr/m2 2 mm 1100 Dtx B 6000.Tensile Straight 4300/4000 N/50 mm DIN 53354. Tear Strength 500/500 N DIN 53363.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance of the fabric is suitable for any fire safety regulations. Relative Standard is DIN 4102-B1.These materials are difficult to ignite. They include materials such as wood treated with a fire retardant and rigid foam plastics. A fire must extinguish itself when the source of the fire is removed.

Insulation Data

Standard Shipyarddoor Flexible Giant fold-up hangar Door has excellent insulations due to extreme width and sealing properties. Thermal insulation value U<0.9 W/m2.K Isolated fabric also available Sound attenuation 12 dB A.

Load Arrestors + Wind Locks

Wind Lock Arrestors

Shipyarddoor Flexible Giant® (with steel trusses) are equipped with load arrestors attached to bottom part of door.(Patent Protections) Load arrestors will prevent the door from falling down in case of motor or lifting strap or rope failure. Wind locks will prevent door rising up from its close position even in very windy conditions. Load arrestors safety device is sense a slack cable condition and cut power to appropriate (it is combined with switch system. Drive unit to prevent an unsafe condition.

Wind Resistance

Shipyarddoor ® hangar door is designed as a unitary system to withstand wind load specified. Fiber stresses due to combined dead load and wind load will not exceed factors for material being used and type of loading sustained, operationally 140 km /h also at closed positions can be stand up to 180 km/h. Special doors can be manufactured with wind speed bearing capacity up to 230 km/h for hurricane region.

Structural Loading

Shipyarddoor® hangar door is designed to withstand dead load, seismic forces and design loads due to pressure and suction of wind calculated in accordance to environmental and building ambient.


Hangar Doors are operated at a standard 20 cm /sec opening and closing speed and can be increased up to 40 cm/sec.

Driving Unit and Limit Switches

The lifting motors are normally located above the door opening. All Shipyarddoor hangar doors are equipped with double motor to supply balanced uplift and even though if 1 motor damaged other can operate the system. The limit switches are also located above  door opening. Shipyarddoor switch system doesn’t miss or damage, all switches are located both sides with safety switch. The door stops on the limit switch when the door is completely opened or completely closed. Should the doors by-pass these limit switches there are also safety limit switches in both directions. In upward direction the limit switches are located above door. At each end of door and topmost moving horizontal door beam will activate them. In downward direction limit switches are located above door opening on slack strap/rope switches.

Drawing Unit
Limit Switche


Doors are manufactured according to CE Standard. Applicable Directives 89/106 /EC-99/93/E Applicable Standards:- EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011-EN 12978:2008 and Load Arrestors ,wind lock , thermic resistance, buzzer and warning light is served as a standard
Optionally: Bottom safety edge and pneumatic safety edge system is available.


Wide range fabric color is available ,All main color at our stock (RAL 9002-9006-1001 -3001 – 5007-6001-7071) (some color is out of stock can be extend delivering time)

Ral Colors


Shipyarddoor® Flexible Giant fold up fabric hangar door is guide up and down with weather sealing vertical guides attached to the structure. Door is controlled by three buttons marked “Open,” “Closed,” and “Stop.” Audible and visual warning devices is started automatically signal for a few seconds before any door section movement, remain continuously on while the door is in motion and reset immediately after movement stops.

Manual Operations;

There are a few ways the emergency operation could be accomplished.
- A hand crank that attaches to output shaft of the motor is available for manual operation. In cases of very large doors, this is not a feasible way of opening.
- Connecting the door to a power generator would eliminate the problem in case of a power failure.

Control panel

Control board is designed according to CE 2006/95 EC and to NEMA ICS 6, Standard. İt is specially designed for simple and high durability. As a part of safety regulations Control panel contain interlocks to preclude personnel injury, key lock for authorized personal operations includes an interlock between the power supply system and use of hand crank for manual operation of door unit. (Optional) It is controlled by momentary pressure to open and constant pressure to close, also Dead-Man mode is available.

Control Boards


Control panel also contain -Frequency converters, Safety Edge System. PLC Controller with touchless button in special case. Control panel can be fed from an automatic transfer switch which will supply emergency power to the door system in case of a power failure.