Special doors

Shipyard door is customised door solutions for special applications. Barn Curtain, ATEX zone door, hygienic door and low speed separator are designed for special requirement of client. 
Special doors is basically modified high speed fabric door according to client customised requirements. We can manufacture tailor-made solution for many type industries.
Special door offers rare and cost effective product, each product is designed for special requirements then is adopted for general use. We always works with selfless to supply reliable product for our client. As the Michael Eisner said It is rare to find a business partner who is selfless. If you are lucky it happens once in a lifetime. So we are right partner for your door requirements.

Explosion Proof Atex Door

Automatic-Atex Doors

High speed Atex doors is customized for high level of explosion risk area.Special design Atex door is a explosion prevent door. It is supply fast and high speed door operation at hazardous area with EEX properties

Eco Roll Door

Eco-Roll-Up Doors

If you need simple and cost effective roll up door solutions Eco roll will be your best door. High Speed door is designed for durability. Spring & Zip system are not being used as they cause damage inside wind bars

Low Speed Separator

Pvc-Roll-Up Seperators

Low Speed Separator is customised solutions for cost effective and simple door requirements. It is specially designed for inside application, to increase insulation and cover the area. Low speed door has wide range of application

Barn Curtain

Barn Curtains

Barn curtain provides improved ventilation in the summer months also supply nourishing environment for your livestock, promote faster weight gain. We supply many agricultural applications for our barn curtain