Aircraft Hangar Door

Aircraft hangar doors

Aircraft hangar door is customised versions of our flexible giant hangar door. Hangar doors are an one of the important  part of every aviation operation’s. Time is one of most important of operations. Aviation hangar is  typically have wide openings type. Shape of the opening is dominated by aircraft and the height of the building. It is sensitive job with high level requirements.

First Aircraft hangar doors made from sliding panels with many problem, bottom rails is always filled, heavy maintenance requirements spent money, something always delay and lose the time, to carry extreme weight door is required heavy structure, and extra big building for side pocket.

Vertical fold up hangar doors for aviation industries changed everything and Shipyarddoor® is manufactured perfect solutions for avivaition. We can manufacture 50 mt one pieces hangar doors so some aircraft no need mullion system of course for required area we have mullion doors.

Shipyarddoor has great experince for airport hangar door cause of this serve always best solutions., as Albert Einstein said The only source of knowledge is experience. we have that.