Aircraft Hangar Door

Aircraft hangar doors

Aircraft hangar door is customised versions of our flexible giant hangar door. Hangar doors are an one of the important  part of every aviation operation’s. Time is one of most important of operations. Aviation hangar is  typically have wide openings type. Shape of the opening is dominated by aircraft and the height of the building. It is sensitive job with high level requirements.

First Aircraft hangar doors made from sliding panels with many problem, bottom rails is always filled, heavy maintenance requirements spent money, something always delay and lose the time, to carry extreme weight door is required heavy structure, and extra big building for side pocket.

Vertical fold up hangar doors for aviation industries changed everything and Shipyarddoor® is manufactured perfect solutions for avivaition. We can manufacture 50 mt one pieces hangar doors so some aircraft no need mullion system of course for required area we have mullion doors.

Shipyarddoor has great experince for airport hangar door cause of this serve always best solutions., as Albert Einstein said The only source of knowledge is experience. we have that.

Aircraft Hangar door is a special area of door business. As improvement of this doors started with steel sliding door system, many weakness and trouble of sliding hangar doors like bottom guide heavy door, extreme maintenance requirements also some operational problem client used it only for a obligations. After discover of fabric doors for large dimensions old sliding doors is changed rapidly.

Aircraft hangar door with mullion system doesn’t has any weakness like traditional sliding door system come with many advantage.

7/24 Operations

The Flexible giant has excessive durability although it is not expected cause of big body our hangar doors can be operated 7/24 specially choose high resistance fabric and gearbox system supply continuously operation at required.

Main Advantage

Instead of conventional hangar doors our aircraft hangar doors no need any bottom rails,extra free area in hangar, very heavy maintenance , extra structural loading to building and low operations cycle and time. You can save your money time also environment.

Excellent Sealing

Only our doors have side sealing pocket instead of all other fold up doors. This heavy duty PVC coated fabric supplies excellent sealing when doors is closed even high windy conditions. This design also supplies noiseless operations.

Low Maintenance

Flexible Giant hangar doors have  no need any special maintenance all parts is carefully chosen for no maintenance requirements. There are no springs, ball-bearing, or couplings that can be damaged if anything crashed or collides with the door.

Maximum Dimensions

Shipyard hangar doors don’t have any limit for dimensions for aircraft hangar applications with mullion parts it can be manufactured according to clients specific requirements.