Crane Hangar Door

Crane Hangar Door

Crane Hangar door a flexible hangar door is designed to solve all extra ordinary  crane way insulation door requirements that doors don’t have any limit for width or height. Any dimensions door requirements can be solved easily.

Insulation of crane way is one of biggest problem for industries has crane inside and need to move goods out of bulding with high insulation requirments,Engineers try to find a reasonable solutions for this problem but cause of special shape and non-strandard structure it is very hard to find an efficient solutions.

Engineers of Shipyarddoor® is customized our flexible giant hangar doors for insulations of crane way and it is called Crane hangar door.

This doors are flexible, strong, durable, and robust as all other shipyarddoor hangar door system but customized to increase crane way insulations at bulding.

This doors also called T Shape doors. It is composed 2 different part of the doors and avalible all type crane door.

If you have crane and need to extreme insulations and efficient solutions, Shipyarddoor crane hangar door one of best solutions for your industries.

The doors can be used at Shipyard Industries, Mining Industries, Waste Management, and Water treatments, Steel and all type other mechanical Industries.