High Speed Cold Storage Door

Cold storage doors

Cold Saver® high speed door is designed for cold storage area freezing room, isolated warehouse, termal regulated area ,especially pharmacy, food, and chemistry industries

Cold Saver® high speed roll up door is designed to reduce your energy  consumptions,insulated doors helps to minimize temperature losses and to accelerate process. A better heat insulation then ever before is from now on guaranteed by special filled xps materials,door insulation is improved to  provide excellent and horizontal and vertical sealing.System is also equipped with heater at side rails also bottom to eliminated humidity problem that is main problem at conventional doors.

Cold Saver® door is free maintenance and has solid design, safety and durability is our standard high level properties.

Shipyarddoor® team design the Cold Saver® high speed roll-up door  saving your money and time, as Carlos Slim Said Profitability is coming from productivity, efficiency, management, austerity, and the way to manage the business.

High Speed Cold Room Door

Strong and flexible design of Cold Saver® high speed door can be operated 24 x 7 specially chosen high resistance fabric and gearbox system are desig-ned for continuous operation.

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Cold Saver® fold up doors are designed to meet expectation of clients for high level insulation for areas like freezer / chiller rooms & Cold storages. Mainly losing of energy is occurred during door operations. Conventional sliding cold room doors are slow in operational speed, obstructs the forklift traffic resulting high energy consumptions.

Cold Saver® door with high speed operation and specially designed for maintaining ambient environment between chilled and freezer area.

24 x 7 Operations

Strong and flexible design of Cold Saver® high speed door can be operated 24 x 7 specially chosen high resistance fabric and gearbox system are desig-ned for continuous operation.

Excellent Sealing

Special designed curtain is filled with high density polystyrene materials (U value ~0.035 W/ (m·K).) Curtain reflects the heat radiations from surface, and hence Cold Saver doors can be utilized from -1 oC down to -30oC. Side guide has isolation rubber and guide is designed to avoid Heat Bridge. Cold saver® has soft edge system specially made from pot to increase isolation.

Save Money and Time

Cold Saver® doors reduce energy consumptions more then 20% for air con-ditioned area. System regulated forklift traffic also save time during operation.

Low Maintenance

Cold Saver ® doors doesn’t require any special maintenance.


For industries that require isolation, flexibility, performance, uptime and high traffic areas roll up door is a feasible solution.

Maximum Dimensions

Cold Saver ® doors can be manufactured up to 4500mm W X 4500mm H for internal or external applications. For High wind resistance isolated fold up Door are available.

* Comparison is made between conventional Manuel sliding cold room doors at high traffic conditions.



Steel Structures

Structure is made from high straight extruded Aluminum (Alloy 6063-T6) fixed with bolt & only top cover is made by galvanised steel sheets. All side guides and bottom frames are manufactured to avoid welding, gap and rust. Stainless Steel AISI (304/306) or normal steel structure can be manufactu-red for special area.

Insulation Data

We specially design the door to avoid heat bridge and maximum isolations. Our patent pending design especially decreases thermal transmittance. Cur- tain Thermal insulation: U = 0.70 W/sq-mt.K (BS EN ISO 6946) ˜ Sound atte-nuation: 14 dB A

Insulation Data


Fabric has long life and it has very high resistance against UV radiation, VALMEX POLYMAR ® Industrial  Fire resist 900 gr/m2  1-2 mm 1100 Dtx B 6000 Panama SIO  – LINE + DIN EN ISO 2286 – 2 –CE. Tensile Straight 4300/4000 N/50 mm DIN 53354.  Tear Strength 500/500 N DIN 53363


Wide range of fabric colours are available like RAL 9002-9006-1001 -3001 – 5007-6001-7071.

*Some color is out of stock can be extend delivering time.

Ral Colors

Isolation Material

Isolation Metarials

Extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) consists of closed cells, offers improved surface roughness and higher stiffness and reduced thermal conductivity. The density range is about 28–45  kg/m3. Thermal  conductivity  varies between 0.029 and 0.039 W/ (m·K) depending on bearing strength/density and the average value is ~0.035 W/ (m·K).
Curtain thickness 40 mm U value (overall heat transfer co-efficient’) <1.5 W/m2.K Sound attenuation 18 dB A. Aluminum side rail has rubber sealant for extra isolation.

Interior Heating System

Interior Heatin Systems

Heating system is used for special conditions btween Freezer and ambient environment or high level humid environment. In cold room warehouse Doors icing guide, motor and floor are major problems, Cold Saver® high speed Door has internal heating system called  Deviflex®  DTIP-8 and  DTIP-10 heating cables which are used in froing of guide, rubber and fabric Voltage 230 V AC Effect 8 W/m & 10 W/m Diameter Ø 7.4 mm, Cold tail 2.5 m, 3 x 1.5 mm² Conductor .insulation XLPE (Polyethylene) Sheath insulation PVC 90ºC Max. Temperature 65ºC

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance of the fabric is suitable for any fire safety regulations. Relati-ve Standard is DIN 4102-B1. These materials are tough to ignite. They inclu-de materials such as wood treated with a fire retardant and rigid foam plas-tics. A fire must extinguish itself when the source of the fire is removed. Isolation materials between fabrics-XPS- has weakness against to fire “igni-tion barrier” in accordance with section R314.


Cold Saver High Speed Doors can be operated at a standard 1.2 mt /sec (EN 12453) and speed range can be designed upto 150 cm/sec.


Safety photo cell beam,  thermic  resistance, soft bottom edge, emergency  button warning light and buzzer  is supplied Standard equipment Optionally  Bottom safety edge and  pneumatic  safety edge internal heater system is  available.


All the doors are manufactured according to CE Standard- Industrial, com-mercial
Product standard - Applicable Directives 89/106/EC-99/93/E
Appli-cable Standards: - EN13241-1:2003+A1:2011-EN 12978:2008.

Motor and Gearbox

Motor and Gearbox

Motor power from 1HP upto 4HP, Operations voltage 380-440 V 3phase  50-60 Hz depending upon dimensions of the doors. 3 Phase operation volta-ge is required for continuous industrial operations. Gearbox is chosen for special high torque worm hole design gearbox. All materials are manufactu-red according to CE norm.

Control board

Control Boards

Control board is designed according to CE 2006/95 EC and NEMA ICS 2 Stan-dard to operate 3 phase motor with rotative swicth. Audible and visual war-ning devices automatically signal for 5 seconds before any door section mo-vement, remain continuously on while the door is in motion and reset imme-diately after movement stops. IP 65 Box Emergency button Circuit Breakers Warning light Buzzer, Plug in technology.


  • Frequency converters control board with touch less button
  • Mono phase operators.


Speedd Flex® fabric door is guided up and down in the weather sealing ver-tical guides attached to structure. Door is controlled by three buttons marked "Open", "Close", and "Stop". It is controlled by momentary pressure to open and constant pressure to close. (Reverse is available) it can be opera-ted with Radar, Remote controller, Metallic Loop Detectors, Pull rope switch as an options.

Loop detectors;

Together with inductive loops laid beneath the surface, LC series loop detec-tors form a universal sensor system for detecting vehicles and forklift. Human traffic is not detectable with loop detectors.

Infrared Radar;

Opening impulse sensor for automatic doors and industrial doors i Motion sensor for people and objects.

Remote Controller;

Is a component of an electronic device  to operate the device  with radio frequency from a long distance (25 mt up to 100 mt)

Manual Operations;

In Emergency situations or power is of Doors can be operated manually with standard hand crank attached to output shaft of motor.