Low Speed Separator


Low Speed Separator is customised solutions for cost effective and simple door requirements. It is specially designed for inside application, to increase insulation and cover the area. Low speed door has wide range of application, every industrial plant can use this type separator for all type insulation required area.

Shipyarddoor low speed separator is operated by motor. It can be operated by manual in emergency. Curtain working speed is slow but it can be applied large dimension with low cost. Especially for large dimensions requirements low speed curtain is most effective solution in the world. It is right way to save Money and Time.


Roll up seperator

Low Speed Separator

depot separator en shipyarddoor
  • depot separator 2 en shipyarddoor
  • car wash separator 2 en shipyarddoor
  • car wash separator en shipyarddoor
  • automatic separator 2 en shipyarddoor
  • automatic separator en shipyarddoor