Mining Hangar Door

Mining hangar doors

Shipyardoor® is customised mining hangar door, for truck shop facilities for Open-pit mining. Mining industries has very special requirements, big truck of mining is operated 7/24 hours, it is never stop, minimum 2 times at week need maintenance, truck and wind bring dust, fill every gap also damaged everything in workshop, snow storm at 4000 mt frozen everything, mining industries preferred the truck shop is movable. All this conditions is required very special engineered door solutions.

During design of the Flexible Giant Mining Hangar Door all this requirements is specially observed and door performance enhanced  according to industry requirements with client feedback, high level insulation, less gap, no ball-bearing, easy install-reinstall is adopt our system for special mining industries. This hangar doors is designed for simple and robus.

Shipyarddoor® Mining hangar doors have been using from Mexico to Australia. We change everything that mining industries know about hangar door, so our success is a not a coincidence. As the Jim Rohn said Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.

Shipyarddoor, a flexible hangar door designed to solve all extra ordinary door requirements with no limitations of width or height. Vertical lifting fabric hangar door was initially developed in the 1980s for the needs of shipyards' shipbuilding facilities. Cause of special requirements of shipyard industries doors ne ed extreme properties. Shipyarddoor is manufactured first doors af ter increasing ship building business in Turkey at 2003 Shipyarddoor® can be served at extreme conditions and hangar doors are being used at Airport, Shipyard, and Mining Industries. Special doors can be manufactured for special requirements like crane doors sound isolat ed doors etc.Open-pit Mining industries has own special requirements. It has worst operational conditions in the world for any type Equipments. Extreme Dust, very hard climatic conditions extreme Cold and warm high attitude transport problem and extreme working cycle. Conventional doors is presented for mining applications comes with very much problem. High maintenance requirements not suitable body for extreme outside conditions expensive spare part and service. Shipyarddoor® mining hangar doors is evaluated by clients feedback we mixed our great experience about doors that is manufactured for blasting and painting industries that has similar conditions with mining industries, client requirements and engineered our mining hangar doors f or performance and durability.

7/24 Operations

The Flexible Giant mining hangar door has excessive durability . Hangar doors can be operated 24 X 7 specially by selecting high resistance fabric and gearbox system for continuous operations.

Low Maintenance

Flexible Giant hangar doors doesn’t require special maintenance as all parts are carefully selected for low maintenance. There are no springs, ball-bearing or couplings that can be damaged from dust or similar effect even if anything crashed or collides with the door.

Excellent Sealing

Hangar doors have unique side sealing pocket. This heavy duty PVC coated fabric has excellent sealing feature and doors can be closed even at high windy conditions.Sealing is one of most important requirments in mining industries.Our doors sealing properties can be compare and conventional door system. It is designed for noiseless operations.

Maximum Dimensions

Shipyarddoor® mining hangar doors don’t have any limit for dimensions. We can manufacture 50000 mm X 35000 mm one piece and unlimited width with mullion system.