Hangar doors

Shipyard doors industry is proudly present  hangar doors system. Large Vertical Lift Fabric Doors is required high level experience, so Shipyarddoor® has delivered a few hundred hangar door around the world. We are customised our hangar door solutions according to different industries requirements. Hangar door is customised for Ship-building, Aerospace, Mining, Port and Military industries.

Steel or aluminum body is designed for different operational conditions. Hangar doors can be manufactured 50X40 mt one pieces and unlimited witdh with mullion doors.

All doors is manufactured  according to EN and ASTM standard with high safety level. We are ready to share our great experience for success. As Ray Kroch said The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it. So you are right place for your  hangar door solution.

Shipyarddoor, a flexible hangar door designed to solve all extra ordinary door requirements with no limitations of width or height.
Vertical lifting fabric hangar door was initially developed in the 1980s for the needs of shipyards' shipbuilding facilities. Cause of special requirements of shipyard industries doors need extreme properties. Shipyarddoor is manufactured first doors after increasing ship building business in Turkey at 2003. Every year we improve our hangar doors according to clients’ special requirements. Especially in shipyard industries doors are effected to extreme working conditions.
Shipyarddoor® can be served at extreme conditions and hangar doors are being used at Airport, Shipyard, and Mining Industries. Special doors can be manufactured for special requirements like crane doors sound isolat ed doors etc.

7/24 Operations

The Flexible Giant has excessive durability. Hangar doors can be operated 24 X 7 specially by selecting high resistance fabric and gearbox system for continuous operations.

Low Maintenance

Flexible Giant hangar doors doesn’t require special maintenance as all parts are carefully selected for low maintenance.

Excellent Sealing

Hangar doors have unique side sealing pocket. This heavy duty PVC coated fabric has excellent sealing feature and doors can be closed even at high windy conditions. It is designed for noiseless operations. ture and doors can be closed even at high windy conditions. It is designed for noiseless operations.

Maximum Dimensions

Shipyard hangar doors don’t have any limit for dimensions. We can manufacture 50000 mm X 35000 mm one piece and unlimited width with mullion system.