Fold Up High Speed Door

FoldUp doors

Pvc High Speed  Fold-up Door is  one of the new generation of high speed Door manufactured by Shipyarddoor®. Reinforced Aluminium or steel supports bar high density pvc fabric materials, special designate drum system serve to you every conditions.This type of door is suited for larger size openings and is designed for heavy duty application.

High-speed pvc folding doors are offered many different versions, providing individual and customized system solutions for nearly every application requirements. It is used multipurpose application for all type industries, from logistic to chemistry to manage the traffic and insulation required area. It has flexible design and can be applied for different applications, so tailor made solutions is one of our most important properties

Shipyarddoor® is using great experience  for high speed door applications, we always believe if you do something just do your best as David Frost Said Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. We just follow our passion.

Body Structure

Body Structure

Standard high speed fold up Door thermal insulation value is U<4.5 W/m2.K. Isolated fold up Doors are available with double skin filled with isolated foam U<1.5 W/m2.K Sound attenuation 18 dB A capacity.

Insulation Data

Standard high speed fold up Door thermal insulation value is U<4.5 W/m2.K. Isolated fold up Doors are available with double skin filled with isolated foam U<1.5 W/m2.K Sound attenuation 18 dB A capacity.

Insulation Data

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance of the fabric serves any fire safety regulations. Relative Stan-dard is DIN 4102-B1.These materials are difficult to ignite. They include ma-terials such as wood treated with a fire retardant and rigid foam plastics. A fire must extinguish itself when the source of the fire is removed.

Wind Resistance

The High speed foldup Doors  is designed withstand dead load, seismic forces and design loads due to pressure and suction of wind calculated in accordance to applicable sections of building code. Specially designed Door is suitable for outside applications at standard wind resistance 80 km/h and Class 3 Annex ZA- (EN 13241:2011).

Control board

Control Boards

Control board is designed according to CE 2006/95 EC and NEMA ICS 2 Stan-dard to operate 3 phase motor with rotate switch. Audible and visual war-ning devices automatically signal for 5 seconds before any door section mo-vement, remain continuously on while the door is in motion and reset imme-diately after movement stops. IP 65 Box Emergency button Circuit Breakers Warning light Buzzer, Plug in technology
- Frequency converters control board with touch less button
- Mono phase operators.


Speed Flex® doors are manufactured under CE Standard Applicable Directi-ves 89/106/EC-99/93/E.  
Applicable Standards: - EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011-EN 12978:2008 and safety photocell, thermic resistance,  Windows section, emergency button warning light and buzzer comes along with any standard door.  
Bottom safety edge and pneumatic safety edge system is available as an op-tional.

Maximum Dimensions

High Speed Fold up door can be manufactured up to 42 sq. mt for outside applications and 100 sq. mt for inside applications.


Specially selected fabric is suitable for long life. It has a high resistance against UV. VALMEX POLYMAR ® industrial Fire resist 900 gr/m2 1-2 mm 1100 Dtx B 6000 Panama SIO – LINE + DIN EN ISO 2286 – 2 –CE.
Tensile Straight 4300/4000 N/50 mm DIN 53354.
Tear Strength 500/500 N DIN 53363
Wide range fabric colours are available. Colour like (RAL 9002-9006-1001 -3001 – 5007-6001-7071) are readily available at our stock.

Pvc-Ral Colours


Speed Flex fold up door can be operated at standard 90 cm /sec and could be designed up to 150 cm/sec.

Motor And Gearbox

Motor power from 1HP upto 4HP, Operations Voltage 380-440 V 3Phase 50-60 Hz depends to dimensions of the doors. We prefer to use 3 Phase ope-rational voltage for continuous industrial operations. Worm hole Gearbox is chosen for special high torque requirement. All material are manufactured according to CE norm.

Motor and Gearbox


Speedd Flex® fabric door is guide up and down in the weather sealing verti-cal guides attached to the structure. Door is controlled by three buttons marked “Open,” “Closed,” and “Stop.” It is controlled by momentary pressure to open and constant pressure to close. (Reverse is available) it can be opera-ted with Radar, Remote controller, Metallic Loop Defectors, Pull rope switch as an options.

Loop detectors;

Together with the inductive loops laid beneath the surface, the LC series loop detectors form a universal sensor system for detecting vehicles and forklift. People are not detected.

Infrared Radar;

Opening impulse sensor for automatic doors and industrial doors i Motion sensor for people and objects.

Remote Controller;

Is a component of an electronic device to operate the device with radio frequency from a long distance (25 mt up to 100 mt)

Manual Operations;

In Emergency situations or when in case of power failure, Doors can be ope-rated manually by-

  • A hand crank that is attached to the output shaft of motor. (Standard Feature)
  • Connecting the door to a power generator would eliminate the problem in case of a power failure. (Optional)