High Speed Cold Storage Door

Cold storage doors

Cold Saver® high speed door is designed for cold storage area freezing room, isolated warehouse, termal regulated area ,especially pharmacy, food, and chemistry industries

Cold Saver® high speed roll up door is designed to reduce your energy consumptions,insulated doors helps to minimize temperature losses and to accelerate process. A better heat insulation then ever before is from now on guaranteed by special filled xps materials,door insulation is improved to  provide excellent and horizontal and vertical sealing.System is also equipped with heater at side rails also bottom to eliminated humidity problem that is main problem at conventional doors.

Cold Saver® door is free maintenance and has solid design, safety and durability is our standard high level properties.

Shipyarddoor® team design the Cold Saver® high speed roll-up door  saving your money and time, as Carlos Slim Said Profitability is coming from productivity, efficiency, management, austerity, and the way to manage the business.

Cold Saver® fold up doors are designed to meet expectation of clients for high level insulation for areas like freezer / chiller rooms & Cold storages. Mainly losing of energy is occurred during door operations. Conventional sliding cold room doors are slow in operational speed, obstructs the forklift traffic resulting high energy consumptions.

Cold Saver® door with high speed operation and specially designed for maintaining ambient environment between chilled and freezer area.

24 x 7 Operations

Strong and flexible design of Cold Saver® high speed door can be operated 24 x 7 specially chosen high resistance fabric and gearbox system are desig-ned for continuous operation.

Excellent Sealing

Special designed curtain is filled with high density polystyrene materials (U value ~0.035 W/ (m·K).) Curtain reflects the heat radiations from surface, and hence Cold Saver doors can be utilized from -1 oC down to -30oC. Side guide has isolation rubber and guide is designed to avoid Heat Bridge. Cold saver® has soft edge system specially made from pot to increase isolation.

Save Money and Time

Cold Saver® doors reduce energy consumptions more then 20% for air con-ditioned area. System regulated forklift traffic also save time during operation.

Low Maintenance

Cold Saver ® doors doesn’t require any special maintenance.


For industries that require isolation, flexibility, performance, uptime and high traffic areas roll up door is a feasible solution.

Maximum Dimensions

Cold Saver ® doors can be manufactured up to 4500mm W X 4500mm H for internal or external applications. For High wind resistance isolated fold up Door are available.

* Comparison is made between conventional Manuel sliding cold room doors at high traffic conditions.