The Hybrid® Rigid Door

Rigid Doors

The Hybrid® high speed rigid doors is a new generation of the high speed  door business. Historically one of main weakness of high speed doors is security, cause of light materials for high speed security always problem when it is applied.

Some company try to solve this problem with very sophisticated system with extreme head ache and Money, truly this type doors speed and secure but real benefit of the door is controversial cause of extreme price and maintanance requirments.

Our Engineer develop a new generation high speed and secure system under our main philosophical principles that is simple and robus.

This new generation high speed rigid doors supply to client fast operations, security, and durability with comperable price and very low maintanance.

Hybrid roll  up doors are designed to meet expectation of clients for isolations, high traffic area with secure solutions . The Hybrid door system last chain link of the door evaluations, The Hybrid Door supply high speed solutions with security , Similar doors available with incredible price, The Hybrid door not save your Industrial building also save your pocket

24 x 7 Operations

Strong and flexible design of Hybrid® high speed  door can be operated 24 x 7 specially chosen high resistance fabric and filled steel materials,  gearbox and drum  system are designed for continuous operation even extremely high traffic area.

Fast and Secure

The Hybrid high speed roll up doors supply fast operations and security together, it is main difference then any other high speed fabric door system, Composite design of the doors that made from pvc fabric with rigid aluminium or steel slat supply extra safety and security for special applications

Excellent Sealing

Special designed curtain is filled with steel and aluminium strip that also included high density Polyurethane. Hybrid doors  can be utilized even isolations required area . Side guide has isolation rubber and guide is designed to reduce lost of the heat, System has soft edge system specially made from pot to increase isolation.

Keep Away Thief

Hybrid door is supply your all requirements from a high speed door system also burglar proof so it is best way to regulate fluid traffic with high security


The Hybrid doors  can be used any type industries that is required regulations of fluid traffic, That door system supply to client benefits of high speed doors and security of any type rigid doors. Especially it can be used as an elevator doors that is specially need big dimensions high traffic flexibility and security.

Save Money and Time

Hybrid high speed roll up doors reduce energy consumptions this system is also weather proof

Low Maintenance

Hybrid  doors doesn’t require any special maintenance. There is no any  lateral driving strap, balance weight, spring and similar headache for clients, Our all system has user friendly properties to save your time and money,

Maximum Dimensions

Hybrid high speed roll up doors can be manufactured up to 5500mm W X 5000mm H for internal or external applications. For high wind resistance isolated fold up door are available.