Aluflex - Small Hangar Door

Aluflex hangar doors

Shipyarddoor® system is served medium size hangar door  to solve industrial door requirements of client, between hangar door and high speed fold up door. This door is specially engineered for medium size door  requirements, especially need high wind resistance also durability against to environmental condition.Alu-flex hangar door specially is take over with resistance properties against to outside condition, where  doors are exposed to dust,moisture,different ambient temperatures.

Special design of the hangar door,with aluminum structure offers very good insulation, tightness, energy efficiency, durability, and minimum maintenance.

All Shipyarddoor® product is manufactured with high quality and maximum safety also system is improved feedback from clients to supply best quality and product. As John Ruskin Said Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

Shipyarddoor, Alu Flex vertical lifting  hangar door designed to solve large opening  door requirements that don’t have reliable solutions with other standard door.

Vertical lifting fabric hangar door was initially developed in the 1980s for the needs of shipyards' shipbuilding facilities. Cause of special requirements of shipyard industries doors need extreme properties. Shipyarddoor is manufactured first doors after increasing ship building business in Turkey at 2003. Special door requirements between hangar doors and standard doors Alu-Flex Vertical Lifting Door supply as a options. we improve Alu-Flex lifting fabric doors for Large Opening area. Door is designed for mining, big warehouse or small hangar applications any type large door requirments with limited wind resistance.

24 X 7 Operations

The Alu-Flex Vertical lifting Fabric door has excessive durability with flexible properties. Door can be operated 24 X 7 specially by selecting high resistance fabric and gearbox system for continuous operations.

Excellent Sealing

The Alu-Flex Vertical lifting fabric have unique side sealing-aluminum leaves that also extended fabric supply better isolations. This heavy duty PVC coated fabric has excellent sealing feature and doors can be closed even at high windy conditions. It is designed for noiseless operations.

Low Maintenance

The Alu-Flex Vertical lifting Fabric doesn’t require special maintenance as all parts are carefully selected for low maintenance. We avoid to use heavy maintenance parts whole door. There are no springs, ball-bearing  or couplings that can be damaged if anything crashed or collides with the door.

Maximum Dimensions

The Alu-Flex Vertical lifting Fabric  don’t have any limit for dimensions with multiple aplication. Maximum doors for each parts 120 sq-mt is advised dimensions for 140 km/h wind resistance. Instead of our competitors we are very sensitive about wind loading.